Nate Armstrong on How to Work Smarter Not Harder

The fundamental concept surrounding the phrase ‘work smart’ is one’s ability to utilize available resources while strategizing an effective means to increase productivity. However, despite the familiarity of this saying, many individuals are unable to execute a comprehensive plan of action. Nate Armstrong, the Co-founder of Home Invest, states that working smart will vary depending on the individual and personal objectives. Individuals can start by utilizing personal strengths and eliminating unnecessary tasks that take up a significant part of the day. Ultimately, working smarter requires a certain level of discipline and a positive attitude. Nate suggests the following tips for individuals wanting to organize their tasks efficiently and to the best of their abilities.


Take a Mental Break to Increase Productivity

Individuals who utilize maximum concentration and remain focused on a task are less likely to have an extended work day. When one is not expending their energy, taking the time to refuel will enable individuals to return to work and function at a high level. Scientific studies have found that for every 90 minutes high mental performance, the brain needs roughly 15 minutes of recovery time. Ultimately taking short breaks throughout the day will enable individuals to enhance their attention span allowing them to be more productive.


Focus on What is Most Important

Individuals are often overwhelmed by their workload, and as a result, begin to create extensive ‘to-do’ lists. This strategy prevents individuals from focusing on one specific task, and their energy becomes redirected to a series of time-consuming assignments. Nate recommends eliminating or delegating non-crucial tasks to one’s employees, so they can focus on what is critical.


Find Ways to Alleviate Stress

Stress can have both emotional and psychological effects on the body, negatively affecting one’s work life. Exercise is an effective means to minimize stress and reduce anxiety. Studies show that regular physical activity produces the neurochemical endorphins which improve one’s overall mental well-being. Nate Armstrong remains active by taking a daily morning run next to Lake Michigan, claiming frequent exercise fuels his motivation and creativity.


A Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is essential when it comes to working smarter and not harder. Recent studies show that happy employees are 20% more efficient in the workplace leading to increased productivity. Ultimately positivity increases resiliency as individuals are better equipped to deal with negative circumstances.

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Home Invest Nate Armstrong – Working with a purpose

Nate Armstrong of Home Invest takes pride in his work and has learned how to effectively manage his time and deal with stressful situations. With a passion for real estate, he encourages individuals to pursue their ideal job. By doing so, he claims it will increase their likelihood of success.