Nate Armstrong Home & Investing in Dallas Real Estate

Why Business Savvy Investors Should Take the Leap

With a well-diversified economy, high employment rate, and no geographical limitations, Dallas Texas hosts favorable market conditions for both local and global investors. Given the city’s continuous economic expansion and dynamic job market, Dallas has become a thriving metropolitan area with a population of over 1.3 million. Nate Armstrong – The Investor Relations Chair for Home Invest, claims that Dallas has hit an upwards trajectory of investment opportunities, presenting prime real-estate potential for various income levels; from luxurious multi-family developments to affordable residential housing. Furthermore, out of the top 40 metro areas in the US, Dallas has the ninth highest GDP. This indicates a sign of the city’s economic progress and prosperity. With many investors looking to purchase real estate in the area, Nate lists some of the reasons why Dallas is an optimal choice and continues to be one of the most prominent housing markets in the United States:

Population Growth

Being the ninth largest city in the US, Dallas continues to see substantial population growth. Home to many institutions of higher education, the demand for rental units has increased by approximately 14% in the last year. According to recent surveys, a total of 50,000 new single-family homes are currently under construction and will complete by 2018. With one of the lowest vacancy rates in the state, rental properties in Dallas present a long-term financial opportunity with a favorable investment climate for positive cash flow and appreciation of assets.


Economic Expansion & High Employment Rates

With strong ties to various industries including aerospace, energy, transport, and telecommunications, Dallas continues to have one of the highest employment growth rates. The city has a margin surpassing many other metropolitan areas in the country. While the city is traditionally oil-based, innovation has fueled a diverse economy.  This effectively makes Texas an optimal choice for many business headquarters. In addition, this year the job growth rate exceeded expectations. By May, the Dallas metroplex had created over 120,000 new jobs. Meanwhile, the city’s unemployment rate fell to an all-time low.


Short-Term Rentals

According to Investors Relations Chair, Nate Armstrong of Home Invest, with the rise of Dallas tourism, short-term rental properties have become increasingly popular. According to recent surveys hospitality services such as Airbnb present a profitable opportunity for many investors. Dallas Fort-Worth has seen a steady increase in rental activity and with minimal tax implementations in the city. As such, the potential for significant revenue is high.


No Geographical Limitations

Dallas does not have any geographical restrictions making the opportunity for further growth limitless. Having no physical boundaries such as oceans or mountain ranges the city is surrounded by flat lands that continue for miles.


Trust a Certified Professional

From newly built modern houses to traditional historic buildings, the demand for Dallas real-estate continues to increase. Home Invest Nate Armstrong claims that individuals interested in Dallas real estate should invest now; despite the annual increase in prices, they remain considerably low. With an extensive professional resume and years of experience, Nate continues to help individuals with the investment process. He also provides tips to generate passive income. He encourages individuals to visit Home Invest for further information.