How to Find and Keep Great Tenants

Finding tenants for a property you care about can seem like an intimidating task. Searching for the right people who will care for your property is essential. It’s necessary to protect your investments and save money while minimizing the rare stressful situations that come with being a landlord. As you begin the hunt for finding tenants, here are tips provided by the Investor Relations Chair for Home Invest, Nate Armstrong.


Know Where to Advertise

Knowing where to advertise the listing of your property is an essential factor in finding responsible and mature tenants. By starting online, says Nate Armstrong, gives you the chance to pick a website that’s right for you. The National Association of Residential Property Managers gets you into the hub of advertising on or These websites are for reliable renters and hardworking tenants looking for a long-term situation.


Clean Your House

Even before you begin the advertising process, Nate Armstrong suggests cleaning your house and getting it ready to show to potential renters. Remove clutter, take care of repairs and make the property look the best it can be within the budget you have. A well-maintained house guarantees your chance of securing responsible tenants.


Use a Rental Application

Using a rental application is a professional way to secure reliable and long-term tenants. With this document, you can use it to collect personal information about the applicant so that you can perform background checks. In addition to the application, provide a rental policy sheet that spells out the terms and conditions of the lease, such as pets, cosigners, and renters insurance requirements.


Require Renters Insurance

During the application process, let your potential renters know that renters insurance is a must. Renters insurance covers the cost of the tenant’s belongings a well as damage to your property during emergencies, evacuations or other situations. It also saves your money in case the renters do cause any damage. Consider purchasing landlord insurance to provide the coverage you need to protect your rental property.


Use a Lease Agreement


Last but not least, Nate Armstrong suggests writing up a lease agreement. Set the terms and conditions for your property, so the tenants know exactly what to expect. The lease can include things such as when the rent is due or penalties for certain destruction of property. Make your rules clear and concise to avoid any confusion.


Renting out a property may seem challenging when it comes to finding the right tenants. Armstrong has been leading the team of real estate investors for many years, and he understands the trivials and specifics of making and keeping a space the way it should be. Being a landlord is a responsibility that requires dedication and patience. If there is an issue with the property, it is your job to handle it. Having great people to rent to makes the process, and the situation run smoothly. Nate Armstrong’s tips will help you in finding the right fit for you and your space.